General Engineering Department


The General Engineering Department of our Institute provides the strong foundation since its inception to cater the needs of the basic subjects of First Year Engineering courses. It takes care of First Year Engineering students and helps them to nurture their technical and softskills in conducive atmosphere.

The Department has grown over the years with qualified faculty members and well equipped laboratories and is now recognized as one of the prominent and known for academic excellence in the Shivaji University area.

Department is actively involved in all activities like NSS, Social, Robotics & Tech-symposium.

The Department offers one of the best computing infrastructures including domain specific Labs such as Applied Mech. Lab, Basic Electronics Engineering Lab, Language Lab, Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry Lab etc. These labs will be in line with the objectives of academic programs and associated courses.



  • Engineering Physics Lab: 

     Major Instruments:


  • Spectrometer
  • Optical bench with all accessories
  • Polarimeter
  • Telescope
  • Travelling Microscope
  • Four probe set up
  • Cathod Ray tube
  • Photo-electric cell
  • He-Ne laser 
  • Engineering Chemistry Lab: 

      Major Instruments:


  • pH-meter
  • Conductometer
  • Potentiometer
  • DO meter
  • BOD meter
  • COD meter
  • UV-visible Spectrophotometer
  • Language  Lab: 

     Major Softwares:


  • Vocabulary Builder
  • Study skills Success[ IELTS ]
  • Sky Pronunciation
  • Tense Buster
  • Issues In English
  • Author Plus Pro
  • Connected speech
  • Applied Mechanics Lab :

      Major Instruments:


  • Universal force table
  • Bell Crank Lever
  • Apparatus for Reaction in Beam
  • Fletchers Trolly
  • Jib Crane
  • Centrifugal force apparatus
  • Lifting machines
  • Basic Civil Engineering Lab:

     Major Instruments:


  • Dumpy Level
  • Autolevel
  • Prismatic compass
  • Line rangers
  • Optical square
  • Cross staff
  • Planimeter
  • Basic Electronics Lab: 

    Major Instruments:


  • Half & Full wave rectifier kit
  • CRO, Frequency Generator
  • Bread-Board, IC’s-Digital IC’s
  • Power supply
  • Resistor, capacitors, inductors &
  • Electronics components like diodes,Transistor etc.
  • Basic Electrical Engineering Lab: 

     Major Instruments:


  • Three phase Transformer
  • Single phase Transformer
  • Three phase Induction motor
  • Single phase Induction motor
  • DC Motor & DC Generator
  • Alternator
  • Dimmerstat, Lamp Load Bank
  • Basic Mechanical Engineering Lab:

     Major Instruments:


  • Model of babcock & wilcox , Lancashire, Cochran and locomotive boiler
  • Model of gas turbine (Jet engine)
  • Model of compound steam engine
  • Model of IC engines
  • Model of Hydroelectric Power Plant
  • Pumps, Compressors and Turbines etc.
  • Mini furnace, Sand Muller etc.
  • Mechanical Workshop:

     Major Instruments:


  • Smarturn CNC Lathe Machine
  • "Panther" Precision Grade-I All Geared  Lathe Machine.
  • Single spindle Automatic Lathe Machine
  • Milling Machine, Shearing machine,
  • Gas & Arc welding machine, Carpentry Vices,
  • Fitting Vices, Bench Grinders 









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