The objective of TECHSYMPOSIUM 2K14 is to bring the students of various streams from different institutions from common platform to interact and share their innovative ideas, knowledge and to highlight new concepts in variety of technology. 

The TECHSYMPOSIUM is the event organized by all departments in our college every year. Under this event, Mechanical department is organizing paper presentation and solid modeling context for TECHSYMPOSIUM2K14.This year also we are expecting the huge response from students of various colleges from Maharashtra as well as Karnataka. 

            Organization of such an activity at such a large scale is a herculean task. The faculty, staff and students of our department will work hard in planning all the activities of TECHSYMPOSIUM2K14.We hope the TECHSYMPOSIUM2K14 will be a grand success.                                                                                                                


                                                                                      Mechanical Department


 MESA is Mechanical Engineering Students Association which is coordinated by students voluntarily. Every semester MESA organizes many activities related to student’s development and welfare. Activities conducted this semester were as follows,    

1. Fresher’s welcome:

MESA had organized a program of fresher’s welcome on 31st August 2013 for the students of FE Mechanical Engg. The objective of the program is to make these freshers aware of activities and progress of Mechanical Department and MESA and create communication with senior students. During the program few games were conducted to refresh the students and faculties. Prof. R.A.Patil, HOD, FE, Prof. Dr. V.R.Naik, HOD Mechanical engg and faculty members of Mechanical engg were present for the function. 


Mesa Welcome3


Mesa Welcome 41


 2. Teachers Day: 

On 5th Sept. 2013, Teachers day was celebrated in department in traditional manner by worshiping Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan photo. On this occasion, students honored the professors in the institute by offering flowers and also expressed their gratitude towards the teachers. At the event HOD, Dr. V.R.Naik addressed students and gave best wishes. The program was organized and coordinated by MESA student coordinators and Prof. D.A.Chougale.  

3. KASPER 2K13 

              On 7th of September 2013, department of mechanical engineering and MESA organized a technical competition KASPER 2K13. In the competition four events of Soft Gyan, Crezy Creation, Mech War and Quiz contest was arranged. The objective of organizing such competitions is to provide platform to students to expose their skills and have experience of event management.In this competition about 350 students from various engg colleges in university participated. The program was inugatated by Principal Dr. P.V.Kadole and S.M.Sawant, Dean, Shivaji University Kolhapur. Vice Principle Prof. Dr. L.S.Admuthe, Traning and placement officer Prof. G.S.Joshi, MESA incharge Prof. D.A.Chougale and MESA student coordinators were present for the program. The whole competition was coordinated by MESA president Pankaj Admuthe, MESA Coordinators Purushottam Patil, Sonali Raut, and Himani Janaj.   



   4. Engineer’s Day: 

On 15th Sept. 2013, engineer’s day was celebrated in department by photo pujan of Dr. Vishweshwarayya. All faculty members and students of mechanical department were present for program. On this occasion Prof. Dr. V.R.Naik addressed the staff members and students. 

 Coordinator MESA activities.


Renewable Energy Club 

Energy Club of Mechanical Engg. Department is constituted under support from MEDA (Maharashtra Energy Development Agency) and initial funding through Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy, New Delhi.The prime objective of this club is to create awareness among the budding engineers, about the energy crisis, brainstorm various ways to conserve energy and also propagate alternative energy sources. This club is contributing towards enhancement of responsibility within young technocrats for energy. 

An Energy Quiz was organized by Renewable Energy Club of institute sponsored by Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA). Mr.Tushar Maske and Ramesh Kore of TE Mech(B) were the first prize winners while Dhanaji Nalawade and Rakesh Kadam oe TE Mech(B) were second. The students from all departments in the institute participated the quiz. 

Energy Club1


IEI Students' Chapter ( Institution of Engineers, India )

Mechanical Engineering Department running a student’s chapter of institution of engineers, Kolkata. Through this chapter many technical activities for budding engineering engineers are conducted. These activities comprise aptitude tests, expert lectures, quiz competitions, essay competitions, extempore competition etc. This student’s chapter is associated with Kolhapur local centre. Code of the chapter is SE/416115/TEI/MC.

IOE LOGOSAE-INDIA Students' Collegiate Chapter 

SAE ( a worldwide organization - Society of Automotive Engineers )

Recently SAE Students Chapter is constituted in the department. The members are participating in various events organized by SAEINDIA. This club has definitely generated interest among the students in the area of automotive engineering, which is one of the major area for Mechanical engineers to groom their career




Prof Dr. V.R.Naik Addressing to Students




Innovations by the Faculty in Teaching and Learning



Videos to show working of various systems are used in subjects like RAC, MEMS, Automobile Engineering, MSD, Manufacturing Engineering, Control Engineering.

2.Expert Lecture

Expert lecture was arranged for BE Mechanical students for the subject FEA by Alumni of our department working in same field to give an insight about current practices. 

3.Surprise Test

Surprise tests were carried out for subjects FEA and TQM. The tests were either open book tests or closed book test. For TQM the test consisted of problems based on concepts used in TQM.

4.Use of Simulation software

Simulation software like Scilab and SolidCast were used for teaching subjects like FEA and CAD respectively.

5.Power point presentations

Power point presentations based on topics related to various subjects were presented to students including Control Engineering, MEMS, MQC, IFP, Mechatronics, Applied Thermodynamics, Manufacturing Engineering, etc.

6.Video tutorials

Video tutorials were used for subjects like MQC and CAD.

7.Team activities

Team based activities like Role play, Poster preparation, Group Discussion, etc. were conducted for subject TQM. 






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