Institute deputes its Faculty for Technical & Managerial Training at National & International Level for enriching the Knowledge of the latest Technological developments in the Machines and trends in the market.
Following are some of the Training completed by the Faculty & Staff :

  •     Training of Knitting Machine at Pailung Machines.Taiwan
  •     Basic Mechanics Training- SMIT at Mark Bonus
  •     Training of Sulzer Weaving Machines at Sultex ( India ) Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
  •     Training Programme on "Quality Management in Spinnning Mills" held at Laxmi Machine Works Ltd. Coimbatore.
  •     Training for Physical & Chemical Tests at Intertek Testing Services India Pvt.Ltd. Mumbai
  •     Training Program in "Advances in Color Science & Tech. With Special reference to Application to Textile Dyeing &
        Printing , held at Compute Spectra Color Pvt. Ltd. Andheri (East), Mumbai
  •     Faculty Development Training at Weilingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai
  •     Faculty Development Training at Dalmia Institute of Management, Mumbai
  •     Training Programme on Blow Room to Ring Frame , held at Laxmi Machine Works Ltd. Coimbatore
  •     Training of Rapier Weaving Machines at ITEMA India Ltd., Coimbatore
  •     Training for Utilization of Laboratory Equipments at RBE Electronics, Mumbai
  •     Special Training course on Shuttle less Weaving .
  •     Training Course on Non-Woven at Bangalore .
  •     Short term Course on CAD-Fashion & Textiles.
  •     Staff Development Programme on Plastics Technology Sponsored by AICTE
  •     UGC Sponsored Refreshed Course in Subject "Sericulture"
  •     Faculty Development Programme for Facilitating Knowledge Ventures - Khandala
  •     Training Programme for Autoleveller Draw Frame RSB D30 & D35
  •     Microcontroller Based Product Design
  •     Training Course on Somet Super Excel Looms
  •     Training on HDS CX-2 Machine w.r.t. Yarn Parameter Setting, Maintenance of Machine, Troubleshooting etc.
  •     Orientation Course in Sulzer Projectile Weaving Machine
  •     Intensive Training at M. Text machine pvt. Ltd., regarding Flat Bed S?C Printing & Rotary S/C Printing Machines
  •     Faculty Development Programme under DTE - TEQIP on "Management Capacity & Vision development"
  •     Training for faculty 'Personal Effectiveness for Institutional Development'
  •     Training Programme on 'Audit of Warping & Sizing Machines - An Essential Diagnostic System for Performance
  •     Training on Vamatex Rapier Loom Leonardo & K**
  •     Training for Utilization of Laboratory Equipments at RB Electronics
  •     Training for CAD / CAM Systems for Textile Design
  •     Course on Modeling & Simulation in Textile
  •     CEP - Course on Wireless Networks, Protocol, Architecture & Application
  •     National Workshop on Industry - Institution Interaction
  •     Non Woven Training Course
  •     Building World Class Organization
  •     Shot term Course on CAD Fashion & Textiles
  •     Training programme in Software Development best Practices (SDBP - 07)
  •     Training in Polypropylene Staple Fibre Production & Quality Control
  •     Lead Auditor Training Course for QMS
  •     Implementation of Intellectual Property Rights
  •     Pattern Making & Garment Construction
  •     A Course in Fabric Analysis & Designing
  •     Orientation Programme for Sussen Asia
  •     Training Programme on Spinning Maintenance Machines
  •     Short term traning program of Online and offline control systems for quality management in textiles
  •     CEP course on Establishing and operating a Business Incubator
  •     Workshop on Pedagogies in Engineering Education
  •     Workshop On Speciality Fabrics
  •     Workshop on Modern aspects in electrochemical science and technology
  •     Faculty Development program on design and merchandising
  •     Training on Garment CAD and Fashion CAD
  •     Workshop on High Impact Teaching Skills
  •     QIP Course on Medical Textiles and Tissue Engg.
  •     Training program on Management of Industry - Academia Linkages fpr Academicians/ Scientists
  •     64th All India Textile Conference
  •     Two weeks Workshop on Faculty Development programme
  •     Staff Development programme organized by NITTTR, Bhopal 'In-house Program on Core Teaching Skills'
  •     CEP Course on Marketing Mantra for Techno- Entreprenuers
  •     Seminar and exhibition on Recent trends in Green Buldings and Products
  •     "Ingenious -09" technical symposia
  •     Workshop on New Curriculam for Final Year B. Text. F.T. Part I & II
  •     Two week faculty development programme on Entrepreneurship Development (DST-NIMAT Sponsored)
  •     STTP on Nanomaterials & Nanoscience Current Status & challenges K.I.T Kolhapur
  •     QIP short term cources on Fundamentals of Textile Machines and Mechanics at IIT Delhi.
  •     Staff Development Programme on Energy Conservation in Textile Industry KCT, Coimbaratore, Tamil Nadu.
  •     STTP on Reserch topics in signal & image processing at PCCOE,Nigadi,Pune.
  •     Training of Wipro Mission 10X at DKTE Ichalkaranji.
  •     Two days workshop on "Research Methodologies" was conducted for faculty members of Institute.
  •     ISTE Workshop on, " Introduction to Research Methodologies", was conducted for two weeks.
  •     One day Workshop on Italian Textile Technology by ACIMIT was held at D.K.T.E'S TEI.
  •     Two days Workshop on, "Akash for Education", was organised for faculty members of the institute.
  •     One day Workshop on, "Business Development Programme" for CIRCOT Technologies was organised at D.K.T.E'S .
  •     Half day Seminar on Cotton Green-2015 at D.K.T.E.'S Ichalkaranji.
  •     Cluster Level Intellectual Property Awareness Programme was organised by CII at D.K.T.E.'S.
  •     One day seminar on "Technical Yarnsat D.K.T.E.'S Ichalkaranji.
  •     One day seminar on "Potential and Avenues in Technical Textileat D.K.T.E.'S Ichalkaranji.


Institute is regularly deputing faculty members abroad for Study Tours, International textile conferences, Visit to machine manufacturers in Textiles, Machine Exhibitions, Consultancy assignments, Machinery selections etc. In last 4 years following faculty members were deputed to various countries. 

Name of the Faculty

Purpose & Country of visit


Prof.(Dr.) C.D. Kane

Textile Research Institute, & Feng China University , Taiwan

19/04/05 to 27/04/05

Prof.(Dr.) A.I. Wasif , Prof. S.K. Chinta, Prof. S.K. Laga

5 th International Istanbul Textile Conference, Istanbul - Turkey

17/5/05 to 25/5/05

Prof. P.V. Kadole

Visit to Mullhouse France for consultancy assignment / Machinery Selection


Prof. S. G. Kulkarni

8 th Asian Textile Conference, Tehran , Iran

09/05/05 to 11/05/05

Prof.(Dr.) C.D. Kane

Visit to Wanli Textile Machinery Co.Ltd., & Hong-Yuan Group, China , Visit to Muratec, Japan


Prof. R.N. Patil

Participation at CITRA- 2007 - Malaysia


Prof.(Dr.) A.I.Wasif

Istanbul , Turkey , Presenting Paper in 5 th International Istanbul Textile Conference

17-05- 2005 to 25-05-2005

Prof. P.V. Kadole

2 nd International Technical Conference ICMIR Istanbul-Turkey


Prof.(Dr)C.D. Kane, Prof.(Dr.) A. I. Wasif. Prof. C. A. Patil, Prof. P.V. Kadole, Prof. H. R. Shah, & Prof. S. K. Chinta.

Visit to ITMA Asia for Machine Exhibition , Singapore , Malaysia , Thailand

15/10/05 to 27/10/05

Prof.(Dr.) C.D. Kane

Visit to Fong's National Engineering Co.Ltd., Hongkong.


Prof. P.V. Kadole

Visit to Italy for selection of machines, consultancy project


Prof. H.R. Shah

Visit to Barcelona Spain consultancy assignment- Inspection of Sulzer Looms

05/5/06 to 07/06/06

Prof.P.V. Kadole

Visit to Australia consultancy assignment


Prof.(Dr)C.D. Kane, Prof.(Dr.) A.I.Wasif, Prof. C. A. Patil, Prof. P.V. Kadole

Study Tour & Visit to European Universities and also visit to Textile machinery manufacturing companies, at Germany , Switzerland , Italy

27/10/06 to 23/11/06

Prof. U.J. Patil & Prof. L.G. Patil

Training Programme- SMIT Textiles- Italy


Prof. S.K. Laga

85th Textile Institute World Conference- 2007, Colombo , Shrilanka

26/02/07 to 06/03/07

Prof.(Dr) C.D. Kane, Prof.(Dr.) A.I.Wasif

Meeting at ASIA-Pacific University , Bangladesh regarding Collaboration

07/08/07 to 11/08/07

Prof.(Dr)C.D. Kane, Prof.(Dr.) A.I.Wasif. Prof. C. A. Patil, Prof. P.V. Kadole ,Prof. M.Y. Gudiyawar

Participation at ITME-2007 at Munich , Germany

11/09/07 to 22/09/07

Prof.(Dr) C.D. Kane

Visit to American Universities at USA

31/05/08 to

Prof.(Dr) C.D. Kane

Visit to various Textile Industries at Turkey & Germany

1/12 / 08 to 8/12/ 08

Chairman Shri.K.B.Awade. Prof.(Dr)C.D. Kane, Prof.(Dr.) A.I.Wasif. Prof. P.V. Kadole

Visit to Copperbelt University , Zambia

11/1/09 to 18/1/09

Prof. C.A. Patil

Visited Italy through a delegation organized by Italian Trade Commission (EC), India and Consorzio Export Alto Milanese(CEAM)

22/3/09 to 27/03/09

Prof.(Dr.) P.V. Kadole
Prof.(Dr.) A.I. Wasif
Prof.(Dr.) S.B. Vhanbatte

Visited 10 th TEXTECH International Expo 2009 at Bangaladesh

06/07/09 to 19/07/09

Prof. (Dr.) P.V. Kadole

Visited Rieter Pvt. Ltd., Winterthur , Switzerland for Training

24/08/09 to 28/08/09

Prof. (Dr.) C.D. Kane

Visited China for Customer Day Program at China

16/11/09 to


Prof. (Dr.) C.D. Kane

Visited various Textile Industries at Taiwan

20/11/09 to 25/11/09

Prof. (Dr.) C.D. Kane

Visited various Textile Industries at Indonesia

25/11/09 to 28/11/09

Prof. (Dr.) J.M. Patil

Visited Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo , Japan for Poster Presentation

10/12/10 to 11/12/10

Chairman Shri.K.B. Awade
Prof.(Dr.) C.D. Kane
Prof.(Dr.) P.V. Kadole
Prof. (Dr.) A.I. Wasif

Visited Busitema University , Uganda & Visited Kenyatta University & Textile Industries Kenya

06/01/10 to 15/01/10

Prof. M.Y. Gudiyawar
Prof. L.G. Patil

Visited Busitema University , Uganda for delivering lectures to B.Tech. Students

24 /04/10 to 04/06/10

Prof. (Dr.) C.D. Kane
Prof.(Dr.) P.V. Kadole
Prof. C.A. Patil

Visited International Exhibition of Textile Machinery (ITMA-2010) at China

22/06/10 TO 26/06/10

Prof. (Dr.) C.D. Kane
Prof. (Dr.) U.J. Patil

Busitema University , Uganda for Collaboration in Educational Field

23/08/10 to 31/08/10

Prof. S.B. Mhetre
Prof. S.S. Lavate
Prof. T.I. Bagban

Visited Busitema University , Uganda for delivering lectures to B.Tech. Students

29/09/10 to 23/11/10

Prof.(Dr.) C.D. Kane
Prof.(Dr.) P.V. Kadole

Visited Techtextil Exhibition (Technical Textile), Frankfurt , Germany ,

22/05/11 to 29/05/11

Prof. (Dr.) J.M. Patil

Visited International Conference at Bangkok

11/06/11 to 15/06/11

Prof. V.K. Dhange

Visited Eastern Michigan University, USA for Training

15/06/11 to 25/06/11


Prof. C. A. Patil


Visited ITMA ASIA/CITME Shanghai

12/6/2012 to 17/6/2012


Visited U.S.A for executive program organized by, The University of Texas at Austin-USA

8/09/2012 to 19/09/2012


Visited Bangladesh for International Conference

21/11/2012 to 26/11/2012




 Visited Germany to visit International Trade Fair on Technical Textiles and Non-wovens at Frankfurt

11/6/2013 to 13/6/2013.

Prof. M.Y.Gudiyawar, Prof.S.B.Akiwate 

Visited various textile machinery manufacturing industries at Itally

22/11/2014 to 29/11/2014




Visited Techtextil Exhibition (Technical Textile), Frankfurt , Germany

 4/05/15 to 7/05/15




Visited Trutzschler Nonwoven Machine Manufacturing Plant, Eagle Beach, Germany










 Participation in techtextile Exhibition (June 2015)

Prof.(Dr.) P.V.Kadole

Prof.(Dr.) U.J.Patil






Milan Italy


Participation in ITMA-2015 (November 2015)



Participation in Global Textile Conference Feb. 2015

Prof.(Dr.) P.V.Kadole

Prof.(Dr.) U.J.Patil

Prof.(Dr.) A.I.Wasif





Participation in ITMA/ASIA/CITMA-2016

(Ocomber 2016)

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